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    hafiz@news straits time

    Post by kittypurrys on Tue 19 May 2009, 11:29 am

    ENTERTAINMENT: Hafiz soars as AF7 champ


    Sarawakian powerhouse blows away the rest of the competition with a staggering 46 per cent of SMS votes. DENNIS CHUA is still reeling.

    (From left) The top three: Akim, Hafiz and Aril with their trophies.
    (From left) The top three: Akim, Hafiz and Aril with their trophies.

    SEASON seven of the country’s top reality talent show Akademi Fantasia (AF7) saw a “Sarawakian sunrise”.

    “Boy power” swept AF7 and crowned Hafiz Suip of Kuching as the show’s first champion from the Land of Hornbills.

    Competition was so strong that the contest’s sole female finalist and mum-of-five Ismaliza Ismail, 30, whose younger brother Tomok won One In A Million 3, got only five per cent of the Short Messaging Service (SMS) votes in the AF7 finals at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on May 16.

    Hafiz bagged a whopping 46 per cent of the votes, followed by Malaccan Khairil Azam (Aril) Pilus who had 22 per cent and Johoreans Hakim (Akim) Ahmad and Yazid Ibrahim, who garnered 18 and nine per cent, respectively.

    Hafiz, 19, who was likened by judge Adlin Aman Ramlie to Sudirman, almost always had the crowd eating out of his hands, thanks to his versatility and raw talent, which is reminiscent of Faizal Tahir, Amylea Azizan and Dayang Nurfaizah.

    Despite being outdone by Akim and Aril that evening, in the eyes of Adlin and his fellow judges Edrie Hashim and Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim, Hafiz was cheered the loudest and his win seemed assured from the start.

    The judges, and principal Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina, felt that Akim was the competition’s “dark horse”, and most improved contestant.

    In their eyes, Akim and Aril “wowed” the 6,000-strong audience more than Hafiz did, as their performances were more “dramatic” and had “oomph”.

    A jubilant Hafiz thanked his family, fans and Tiara’s no-nonsense academic team for “raising him up to be more than he could be”, as Josh Groban’s hit song You Raise Me Up stated poetically.

    Aril thanked his elder brother, Bintang RTM host and ex-champion Izwan Pilus, for inspiring him to excel in music. “He’s my hero, and he’ll always be,” he said.

    Akim, who admires AF5 champion Mila Jirin, said he was lucky to have been coached by a “fantastic team of instructors.

    “My fellow competitors have also been a source of encouragement,” he said, adding that he would love to collaborate with Mila and season five composer, singer and songwriter Aizat Amdan.

    Yazid, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Adlin, thanked the chief judge for his “Simon Cowell honesty” and Tiara, for making him believe in himself.

    “AF7 taught me to be confident and discover my true potential. Before this, I could only dance,” he said.

    Ismaliza, a former restaurant singer, thanked Tomok for being her “soul mate” and her husband, Zulkifli Majid.

    “You’re both the greatest,” she said.

    The show, hosted by AC Mizal, which was broadcast live on Astro Ria, kicked off at 9pm with Hafiz singing Anuar Zain’s Kau Bunga Cintaku. The judges felt he could have done better.

    Hafiz redeemed himself with the original Masih Jelas written by Ad Samad and composed by Aidit Alfian. Edrie called it a “very honest performance” while Khadijah said “it was truly Hafiz’s song”.

    Akim came next with the original Bengang, written by SQ and composed by Amir. The judges felt he was not doing his best.

    Akim’s next effort, the Faizal Tahir hit Bencinta, saw him play a “victim”, bound by a curtain held at both ends by “witches”, reminiscent of a scene in dance drama A Delicate Situation.

    The judges were impressed by his acting and vocals; and Edrie even said he might win. Yazid’s portrayal of a suave lover surrounded by sultry beauties, as he sang Dewa 19’s Kasidah Cinta, was not the judges’ cup of tea.

    His second song, the original Ya Papa, written by Hairul Anuar Harun and composed by Taja, had him show off his trademark flips and hand-stands, honed during his days as a national breakdancer. The judges also felt this performance was “not a winner”.

    Ismaliza’s performance of Bisikan, Godaan, written by Slen and composed by Aiman, lacked energy in the eyes of the judges. However, her second song, the Misha Omar hit Cinta Adam Dan Hawa suited her. The performance was enhanced by special “wind effects” that made her look like an enchantress.

    Aril was the only contestant who sizzled in both his performances.

    His first, the Padi hit Kasih Tak Sampai was praised by Adlin and Khadijah as “the best vocals of the evening”.

    His second, Toksik, was a display of fantastic dance steps, raw energy and suspense. He leapt off the stage and danced around the judges’ platform.

    While awaiting the results, there were two songs by AF6 winner Stacy Anam, and one each from the other contestants of AF7 — Nas Adila Mohd Dan, Sobri Hasmuni, Rini Zulkifli, Rubisa Tiasin, Zizi Tahil, Sidi Isa, Qhaud Rashid, Claudia Geres and Saiful’s cousin, Aishah Bujang.

    Tiara said the top five were the best of her “students”. “They were the most consistent and most improved. They worked extra hard for four days to give a great finals,” she said.

    Producer Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd’s executive director Zainir Aminullah said the number of SMS votes had risen by 45 per cent compared to last year, and the station was “encouraged to keep the AF flag flying”.

    “Hafiz will be starring in his own TV programme Menuju Puncak soon. It’s an entertainment show that will enable fans to know him better,” he said.

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    Re: hafiz@news straits time

    Post by kittypurrys on Tue 19 May 2009, 11:30 am

    Hafiz comes out tops in AF7
    By : Dennis Chua

    KUALA LUMPUR: Popular reality show Akademi Fantasia crowned its fifth male winner yesterday after two years of female domination.
    Hafiz Suip, 19, of Kuching, became the show's seventh champion in a colourful grand finale at Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil.

    Hafiz' performances wowed the 6,000-strong crowd and permanent judges Adlin Aman Ramlie, Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim and Edrie Hashim.

    He sang two songs, Kau Bunga Cintaku, popularised by Anuar Zain, and an original song, Masih Jelas.

    He won RM200,000 worth of prizes, comprising a year's subscription from Hotlink, a Honda Accord, a holiday for two in New York by Maybelline, an Arezzo home theatre system, a Hyundai air purifier, Hugo Boss watches, Brands products, a Nokia Express music handphone and RM20,000 from Astro.
    Second place went to Khairil Azam Pilus, 24, of Malacca.

    He took home RM26,000 in prizes, comprising RM3,000 worth of vouchers from Maybelline, an Olympus camera, an Arezzo karaoke set, a Hyundai air purifier, Hugo Boss watches and RM10,000 from Astro.

    Khairil performed Kasih Tak Sampai, made popular by Indonesian band Padi, and an original song Toksik.

    Third place went to Hakim Ahmad, 18, of Johor Baru. He performed Bencinta, popularised by Faizal Tahir and an original song, Bengang.

    He won RM10,000 in prizes, comprising of RM2,000 worth of vouchers from Maybelline, an Olympus camera and RM8,000 from Astro.

    The fourth and fifth spots went to Yazid Ibrahim, 22, of Johor Baru and Ismaliza Ismail, 30, of Rembau, Negri Sembilan.

    The show's previous winners were Vince Chong of Kuala Lumpur (AF1), Zahid Baharuddin of Teluk Intan (AF2), Asmawi (Mawi) Ani of Kulai (AF3), Faizal Ramly of Marang, Terengganu (AF4), Mila Jirin of Penang (AF5) and Stacy Anam of Penampang, Sabah (AF6).

    The show, broadcast live on Astro Ria at 9pm, was hosted by AC Mizal.

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    Re: hafiz@news straits time

    Post by angahoni on Sat 23 May 2009, 8:49 am


    kitty....thanks sharing the newss...

    i hope chua wud reading this msg..
    hye chua...

    thanks for the information....
    juz luv it .... if there is still any news about apiz...
    do share with us...

    (chua also great fan of Riz af6)


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